Romania is cold

Frozen lake in Cluj Napoca

If you look at Romania on a map, you might think it's warm. It has a beach just north of Bulgaria's, on the black sea, a great summer resort. But, in winter, especially inland, it's cold.

You see those trees in the background? They're close to the edge of the lake. That snow isn't just on the ground, it's covering most of the lake.

When I took my glove off to take this photo, I could immediate feel my hand begin to freeze. Despite wearing a hat, my ears were cold.

It's great if you like snow!

If you're planning to visit Transylvania in winter, remember to pack your winter coats, sweaters, snow boots and best gloves. If you forget, perhaps that should be the first thing you buy after you arrive.

Here's a bench on a warmer day: bird print on a bench