Dara Says


This film was the reason Ptara went from a blog and freelancing to a film production company.  We shot and edited Dara Says at our old address in Aberystwyth.

The United States and Ukraine

We didn’t film most of the United States and Ukraine, but we assembled material in the editing room, corrected the color and sound, and added music.  The original film was meant to have animation, but through research, we found that the original storyline was not entirely accurate.  So, we decided to let the source materials tell the story.

Educational media:

Bonjour Dewi

Bonjour Dewi was a prototype created by our staff under the Udigrudi banner.

Bonjour Dewi is not complete.  However, it has been tested in two schools and found to be an effective educational aid for encouraging primary school children to learn basic French.  We hope to have more episodes soon and to improve the existing ones.

Websites and transmedia

Vote Attila

Vote Attila was created by our staff under the Udigrudi banner. It includes games, graphics, and dynamic html, and is hopefully fun too.

Hey Cluj – Cluj News and to do’s for Expats and English Speakers

Hey Cluj is a newsletter for ex-pats and English speakers in Cluj Napoca.

Udigrudi books and Movies


Udigrudi is a website dedicated to selling books and films.