bookmark_borderHow did they deal with bullies in the old days?

Do you have an irritating colleague that makes people cry? A boss who pushes you around, but when you complain she says she’s just “unwinding” or “having fun”?

Well, bullies are nothing new. In fact, Stephen Decatur Junior and his friend Joseph Bainbridge were bullied. Continue reading “How did they deal with bullies in the old days?”

bookmark_borderSocial Networking Promotes Garbage

A friend of mine… Do me a favor… could you please vote for… if you vote for me, I’ll vote for you…

You sick of these messages yet?

Gone are the days when critics and filmmakers were two different breeds of people.  Gone are the days when critics were professionals, who were not anonymous but had to live by their words.  Gone are the days when art was judged on some sort of merit rather than politics or favor swapping.

Despite that, some backscratching existed back in the old days. What really gets me sick these days is the no-life reputation destroyers.  I’m emailed by people “warning” me about others who supposedly did something terrible.  Like had a day job as a clown once. 

One guy asked me to give another filmmaker one star on youtube. Why?

Was the other filmmaker evil? No. 

Did he have a bad video? No, it was better than any film the guy who wanted to give one star ever made.

So, why did he want me to give him one star? It’s someone from his old school, an old rival, who called him a name.

Now, what was this horrible name? Was it something incredibly offensive? Maybe, but it was true. He was called “unprofessional”.

 Now tell me, what’s more unprofessional than telling other people to go around giving your “enemies” one star?

Anyway, I think he later told people to give a videos I was in one star, because I agreed with the enemy that he was unprofessional.  I don’t think anybody agreed though. A series of new accounts were made just to rate my video (and thrown away afterwards). It wasn’t the best video I made, but come on. What an unprofessional. (At least he could have kept the accounts to down rate his other enemies as well.)

The sad thing is, he’s not abnormal, anymore.  People are doing this all over the place.  “If I scratch your back, you stab my friend’s.”

What an unprofessional attitude.  Welcome to the idiotocracy known as “social networking”.