bookmark_borderEdinburgh’s New Year Rioting and Robbery

Edinburg, Scotland; John Skelton was apprenticed to a gunsmith. He had a big future ahead of him.  And he enjoyed the night’s New year’s Eve celebrations.

METROPOLITAN POLICE logo with two lions holding yellow sticks holding up a crest with a net in it which supports a knight's helmut under a crown
Metropolitan Police logo on a police station in London.

But Mr. Skelton soon found he was a wanted man.  John Skelton was implicated in robbery and the murder of a policeman, with a reward on his head.

The motive?  Booty.  A black-watch ribbon, a watch-key of gold.  With a cornelian stone set in.  A silk purse.  And a hatred of the police. Continue reading “Edinburgh’s New Year Rioting and Robbery”

bookmark_borderThe first of all Human Rights

Human rights seem to be falling out of favor. I’ve heard old men deride them, as if they were some new legislative fashion akin to political correctness or “austerity” with their pensions.

Recent events in Europe, with the so-called European Court of Human Rights, have tried to bend the meaning of “human rights” in that political direction.  Many forget that the tradition of human rights goes back to long before Eleanor Roosevelt.
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bookmark_borderHave A Presidential Christmas

three women Protestors with sign saying - Mr President let's have a old-fashioned christmas.
Protestors ask President Harding to give amnesty to Political Prisoners, 1922.

This Christmas, you may be hearing rumors that Santa Claus was invented to sell Coca Cola.  Well, Christmas is much older the Republican Party.  It’s even older than the Pope.

The Founding Fathers inherited the tradition from the European ancestors, but in 1776 Washington’s army had little to celebrate. Continue reading “Have A Presidential Christmas”

bookmark_borderNever eat eggs with an angry stomach.

Teddy Roosevelt carries Taft the hen to her eggs.
“Settin’ time” by Keppler (Puck magazine 1908)

Paul from Belgium keeps telling me that eggs are dangerous.  I never believed him, as he enjoys crepes and cakes of all kinds.

However, the following story from  1897 (printed in the St. Louis Republic in and reprinted in the Norfolk Virginian) proves that, in 19th century America at least, eating eggs could be deadly.

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bookmark_borderEstonian Lutherans oppose Mormon access to genealogy records.

PernauNovember 22nd 1905, a group of socialists threw an Estonian preacher from the pulpit, causing the congregation to flee in panic.{1}  Back then, Estonia was just as religious as anywhere else.

After just a few decades of Soviet rule, Estonia is now one of the least religious countries in Europe.

The largest surviving religion, the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, claim just 15 percent of the Estonian population.

Estonia, map and flag. by the US Department of State

During the Soviet era, when Estonia was part of the USSR, the Lutheran church and other churches had their records archived by the state.

Since the fall of communism, the Estonian government has been sharing these records with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (also known as the LDS church, or the Mormons), who are digitizing and storing them.

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