A note to all domain squatters

Sometimes I accidentally check my spam box, or I look there for a client’s email that seems to have gotten lost.  Here’s one message I get again and again.

Helen <helen@mrvulcan.com>
to me

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Would you be interested in darlasays(com) domain? I am willing to part with it for a modest fee.

I would appreciate if you would let me know.


If you’re not aware, our first feature length film was called Dara Says, which is one letter different from their domain name.

Okay, so it’s not always Helen trying to sell me Darlasays.com.  I’ve had people try to sell me vascodesousa.co.uk and the dot net and orgs to many of the domain names I’ve managed over the years.

Maybe twenty years ago, when it was all com net and org and a few country level tlds, it might have been tempting to consider buying them all up.  But these days, the average registrar seems to offer over 600 tlds.  If I bought all the similar names to mine, I’d be broke and in major debt.  Heck, not even Microsoft owns every possible tld after their name.

Ptara.in is now owned by a clothing company which claims to be in India (according to their who is, they are actually in New York.)  Ptara.ru is owned by a an anonymous user, and last time I checked it was not being used.  Ptara.de is owned by someone called something like Peter Tara, and the domain name didn’t work last time I checked.  While I hold the trademark for Ptara in the UK, and while having ptara.in outranking me in the search engines is annoying, I can’t really be bothered with these other guys.

So, before you try to sell me the Ptara.org domain name, consider this:  I won’t buy it.  Even if I could afford every domain that came my way, I wouldn’t budge.  I’m a filmmaker, not a domain name collector.  You squatting on it prevents ptara.in from having it, which is good enough for me.  Try selling it to them instead.

Now, if you’d like to commission us to produce or plan a film, then I’m all ears.  Note that I will be busy this summer, so please be understanding if it takes longer than usual to reply.

(And please email me again if you have legitimate business, my over-zealous spam filter  may have rejected your message by mistake.)