Who do we make movies for anyway?

I read yet another article on how Americans “can’t read maps,” and aren’t being “international” enough.

I don’t see why we should censor ourselves to please China’s autocracy.

Hollywood won’t even cut its obscenities to please mom and pop.  Why should it care if foreign Big Brother is offended?

One thing I love about Japanese cartoons, and many French films, is that they don’t try to please everyone in the whole world.  I loved Ponyo, Spirited Away, My Best Friend and other films that frankly don’t care about reaching a global audience.

It’s great to see people who make films for their own people, in order to entertain, instead of making disposable films that sell plastic toys at fast food restaurants.

Yes, the critics are right about one thing, American cinema needs to look abroad.  American movies are getting too bland.  They need to be more American.

The same lame insults about Americans not being able to find things on a map are getting old. Yup, that’s what the last whinging article does.  Circle China on a map, and an American apparently won’t find it.

Which American is so stupid that he can’t find anything on a map?  He’s probably the same American who writes all those annoying articles saying that we aren’t “international” enough.

Here’s the great untapped market for you: Americans. I mean it, we Americans need to make more movies for the American market, not bland international pap.