bookmark_borderHave A Presidential Christmas

three women Protestors with sign saying - Mr President let's have a old-fashioned christmas.
Protestors ask President Harding to give amnesty to Political Prisoners, 1922.

This Christmas, you may be hearing rumors that Santa Claus was invented to sell Coca Cola.  Well, Christmas is much older the Republican Party.  It’s even older than the Pope.

The Founding Fathers inherited the tradition from the European ancestors, but in 1776 Washington’s army had little to celebrate. Continue reading “Have A Presidential Christmas”

bookmark_borderWell, who should play Ronald Reagan?

While some see President Reagan as the man who won the cold war, others remember him as having changed the economy at home.  Some might paint him as a kind of Scrooge, the character so well portrayed by Michael Caine (or, to keep in the Reagan Era,  very un-Reagan-like actors Bill Murray or George C. Scott.)

But President Reagan wasn’t all about war and money.  He was one of the most charming Presidents in the 20th century, far more charming than many actors are off the set. Continue reading “Well, who should play Ronald Reagan?”

bookmark_borderDo we know the Truth about Reagan?

Last time, we remembered the birth of a Homicidal Robot called The Terminator, a personification of the fears in nineteen eighties.

Whether a metallic robot or an action hero, Arnold “Arnie” Schwarzenegger played characters with tough little sayings. Arnie could make a cliché cool, but it was all about getting straight to the point. While President Ronald “Ronnie” Reagan “did not recall” what happened in the Iran Contra Affair, Arnie would later pulled out of his mess on Mars with Total Recall. Continue reading “Do we know the Truth about Reagan?”