Review: WPR rebuttal

“SenatorJPO” appeared to be going places.  He was an honors student at Wisconsin’s finest Universities, with a BA and MA to his name.  Then he graduated and appeared to be lost in the reality of underemployment.

He’s now taking on the educational establishment, as well as public radio, with his own public service radio show.  For two hours every Friday, SenatorJPO gives his “rebuttal” to the information (or misinformation) supplied by the WPR radio station run by the university.

This really is a zero-budget operation, and SenatorJPO is doing incredibly well, considering he is on his own.  The two-hour segment is long, and due to budget constraints, it is cut into four half-hour shows.

Some of the topics include how selective some entry-level employers are,  and why Hillary Clinton changed her name.

SenatorJPO does not have a research team, a production crew, or telephone staff to aid him in this project.  When you call, you pretty much go live on the air.  It’s an impressive feat for a one man enterprise to go through two hours at a time.  It’s also indicative of its low budget.

The internet-based radio service has a slight delay of about ten seconds or longer.   So, you don’t hear yourself on the radio until you’re talking about something else.

The radio service unfortunately seems to clash with some web browsers.  Technical problems aside, SenatorJPO pushes through, and he has a calm voice and direct manner.  If he had a good team behind him and some more expensive equipment, SenatorJPO could rival many talk show hosts on commercial radio stations.

With two shows behind him, Joseph Ohler (SenatorJPO) continues to push forward his show without any help from outsiders.  Even if you disagree with some of his politics, you’d have to admire his determination.

We guess, that it’s probably hard to find stuff to talk about for two hours straight, especially if you don’t have a team with you.   So, the show does take calls.

To call in, simply dial (929) 477-3965 while the show is in progress (12pm noon – 2pm in Wisconsin time, which is about 6 pm to 8pm GMT).  It’s best to call at the start of each half-hour segment.

When you call, you might have to wait for a few seconds.  There’s a delay as mentioned above, but there also appears to be a delay as you’re routed through the server.

Fans of the show may also contact the show through social media.  The Twitter handle, you guessed it, is SenatorJPO.

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