Creative integrity and intellectual property policy

Ptara Ltd has a strict policy of respect for creative integrity and intellectual property.  By using our services, content, and/or any of our websites, you agree to abide by this policy.

Staff members (including subcontractors and companies working under our commission) are to record all sources of materials including ideas, origins, and other work.  This information is to be kept on file and made available to supervisors, editors, creators of titles and marketing materials, and others who may need it (as instructed by supervisors).

Staff members are to check the intellectual property status and related statuses of any materials they use, including copyright, trademark, patent, design rights, moral rights, and recording rights.

Staff members are not permitted to violate the moral rights or intellectual property rights of others.

Legitimate fair use in documentaries and other fiction is permissible. However, when it is questionable whether an item is “fair use”, our policy is to look for any available alternatives.

Ptara Ltd owns all copyright to materials we create or commission unless it is otherwise stated in a written contract.  All work created by employees of Ptara Ltd while taking a salary from Ptara Ltd is property of Ptara Ltd.  All work created by subcontractors of Ptara Ltd while working on a contract or commission from us is property of Ptara Ltd.

Our policy is to give credit to those who originate or create work, unless they chose anonymity or use a pseudonym, in which case it is our policy to credit the pseudonym. Credit should not be given to individuals, companies, or others who did not work on a project, nor for tasks they did not perform.

Our products and work should not be used for college credit or school credit, unless students are on an approved work experience program and the academic instructors are aware of the use of Ptara Ltd’s services and facilities. Ptara Ltd’s work should not be used in any means of academic dishonesty whatsoever.

Creators who have their names on a project should not be deceived into thinking they are making something that goes against their moral, ethical, or personal standards. While stock footage may be used if it is in the contract, and segments of a work may be used in a sequel or for multimedia and promotional purposes, fraudulent use of image, voice, or likeness shall not be tolerated.

By hiring Ptara Ltd, you agree not to fraudulently use any productions or services that we provide, and not to defraud or mislead any contributors as to the true nature of the work.

By using Ptara’s services and/or websites, you agree not to use any material for fraud, counterfeiting, piracy, harassment, plagiarism, or any dishonest or illegal activity.  You also agree to respect our moral, economic, political, ethical, and intellectual property rights (as well as those of our clients, customers, investors, directors, and employees).