Easter Eggs.

For most, Easter is a wonderful time of year.  Schools (and even many employers) are closed, so families of all religions can celebrate together.  Some paint boiled-eggs, then hide them for children to find. Others use chocolates (or even toys) in place of boiled eggs.  In any case, they are hidden in places that aren’t obvious, but for obvious reasons aren’t too hard to find.

Children then seek out these treats, which they enjoy and share.  This is called the Easter Egg hunt.

When children look for the eggs, they come equipped with baskets. Though some make it competitive, organizers usually ensure that there are enough eggs for everyone. Sometimes we even limit what each child can gather.

The spirit of Easter is about giving and even sharing, not competition. (Although there are sports competitions that sometimes accompany the hunt.)

This treasure hunt is celebrated in many films, including Steel Magnolias starring Julia Roberts. (I don’t know if the Queen Latifah version has an Easter egg hunt, I haven’t seen that one yet. I’m not a big fan of remakes, but occasionally you do get a good one.)

Christians celebrate Easter in an additional way. They remember a man who gave his life so that others may live. On Good Friday, Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and buried. His body was hidden away in a giant tomb, which was covered by a large rock and guarded.

When Jesus’s friends went to the tomb to clean it out, and finally found enough strong men to move the rock, the body vanished. But, like an Easter egg, Jesus was found in an unexpected place, where he told his followers “why seek ye the living among the dead?”

Jesus gave his life as a gift so that others can live. Parents give their children gifts, both hidden Easter eggs, and some that are wrapped up.

In the film industry, and with some websites, an Easter egg is a hidden gift, such as an extra special feature on a DVD. These are put there intentionally, as a special treat for customers.

Easter eggs can also be hidden in the film itself.  Some design these during post-production, but they can be planned in the script stage.  Little hidden surprises can be placed here and there for the observant viewer to find.

Happy Easter from everyone at Ptara.