Do Brazil’s movies give the country a bad name?

Yes, Brazilians make movies too.  You might have seen one of them, if you’re into the art scene and reading subtitles.

Oh, and not only do they make films, they also complain that the movies don’t accurately depict their country.

Now, before City of God came out, I’m sure hundreds of tourists ignored the news reports about kidnappings and other crimes.  Do you think after seeing that film people suddenly cancelled their holiday plans?

Let’s get real.  The fact that Brazilians can make movies that criticize their country is a good thing.  It shows that it’s not a fascist or communist dictatorship.

I mean seriously, some “patriotic” Brazilians are trying to attract Twilight and Woody Allen.  Why?  I think most people would rather get kidnapped by humans than get attacked by werewolves who suffer from teenage angst.

What do you think?  Do you think that Brazilians should only make movies that show the country as a happy, rainforest-tree-hugging, Mardi-Gras-Hoola-hoop, romantic utopia (kind of like Woody Allen’s Sleeper only the “leader’s nose” is the good guy)?  Or would you rather watch Jesse James and Al Capone?

Have you cancelled a trip to Brazil after seeing a Brazilian movie?

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