Does Freedom of Speech only apply to US citizens?

If I understand Yahoo news correctly, a British teenager has been banned from going to the US.  His crime?  He doesn’t like the American president. (more here)

Well, I’m an American citizen.  I’m proud of our constitution.  I don’t like hearing foreigners insulting my President.  So, what’s my view on this kid?

I have no idea what the kid said, and I don’t want to know.  I’m sick of people getting a lot of attention for throwing tantrums in public.  But if he’s not even being arrested in thought-policed Britain, then it can’t have been that bad.

The first amendment applies to everybody, not just Americans.  The Constitution of the United States is worthless if we don’t give the same human rights to others as we claim for ourselves.

Remember the Declaration of Independence?  “All Men Are Created Equal?”

Under tyranny, the tyrants always have freedom of speech, but the others do not.  Don’t let America become a nation of tyrants.

Is there some kind of global apartheid between those with American Citizenship and those without?  Are some people “more equal” than others?

Look up demagogue in the dictionary.  Then feel free to leave an intelligent comment.

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